Ratu Rening Residency is located within the perimeters of a lush jungle reserve fringing Banjaran Titiwangsa Range, at the foothill of Genting Highland. The property site is semi-surrounded by pristine azure waters of Sungai Hijau stream flowing throughout the edge of the property boundaries.

Ratu Rening Residency offers two sets of properties for stay, Dusun Raja and Sekebun Bunga; 

1.     Nestled by an orchard, the Dusun Raja features a set of charming houses built around the edge of a pond complemented by bountiful tropical fruit trees. 
2.    Sekebun Bunga, ensconced within a floral garden, resides along the fresh flowing river of Sungai Hijau Both properties have its own magic, uniqueness and function.

Ratu Rening Residency is not a resort or a chalet villa, but a personal retreat site. A getaway abode built and designed with contemporary architectural styling and design, fitted with modern amenities. Overall, Ratu Rening Residency is best shared and enjoyed with a small group of good friends and close family members.

Come and experience our unique little haven!